Writing Tool Resources

Writing Tools
Teaching Elementary School Students to Be Effective Writers
Practice Guide Summary in PDF format.
Alternative Pencils
Visit this webpage for more information about alternative pencils.
Shared Predictable Chart Writing
Access online learning webinars and modules, handouts, lesson plans and resources, and much more!
Writing With Alternative Pencils
The Center for Literacy & Disability Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill has developed a variety of “alternative pencils.”
Predictable Chart Writing
A shared, group writing activity that results in a classroom book.
Predictable Chart Writing
Check out this fun and easy, shared writing activity.
Action Dictionary – ePub
AbleNet’s free Action Dictionary provides solutions and recommendations for all students.
Symbol Supported Text: Does It Really Help?
Blog about symbol supported text.
Literacy, Assistive Technology, and Students with Significant Disabilities
This article directly concerns students with significant disabilities, including intellectual disabilities.
Predictable Chart Writing: Emphasizing Core Vocabulary
An informative YouTube video presented by Project Core.
Alphabet and Phonological Awareness: Integrating Core Vocabulary
An informative YouTube video presented by Project Core.
Independent Writing: An Instructional Routine that Supports Communication
An informative YouTube video presented by Project Core.
Emergent Writing
Features an informative video about emergent writing.
Selecting a Topic for Writing
A YouTube video by the Iowa Department of Education with literacy strategies for students with cognitive disabilities.
Emergent Writing
A Willans Hill YouTube video demonstrating a writing activity in a K/2 class.
Adult-Student Emergent Writing Interaction Inventory
This helpful inventory has been designed particularly for students with significant disabilities, including deaf-blindness.
Flipping Through the Alphabet!
A helpful PDF document with a method that gives struggling students opportunities to work with the alphabet through partner assisted scanning.
Create a Fillable Form
A helpful guide from Microsoft.
Creating Fillable Forms in Word 2007/2010
A helpful guide in PDF format.
Microsoft Word Paper Sample
Printable paper template in PDF format.

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