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Expert learners know how to select, use, and evaluate tools and strategies that help them achieve grade level standards. Regardless of whether or not the tools are available on assessments, during formative instruction tools and strategies should be available to support learning. This page includes information on basic math tools that students can use at school and at home.

Homework Helpers

Math Dictionary for Kids

MoffSoft FreeCalc

Microsoft Math

A collection of math dictionaries and quick reference guides, with over 950 common mathematical terms and math words explained. Animations and interactive activities are included to help illustrate math concepts.

A great basic calculator that can be adjusted by size to make the buttons easy to see and has various color schemes. It also has a simulated paper tape display so work can be saved.

Microsoft Mathematics provides a graphing calculator that plots in 2D and 3D, provides step-by-step equation solving, and includes useful tools to help students with math and science studies.

Free Online Graph Paper


Create a Graph

An amazing on-line resource of almost every type of graph and lined paper a student will need. The type of graph paper can be selected and then the size and colors adjusted. The final page is downloaded as a PDF file.

A math-help web site that provides step-by-step answers to specific math questions and problems entered by the user, all generated in real time. Try using text-to-speech to hear the problems explained out loud.

On-line tool for creating bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, pie charts, and XY charts. Includes a tutorial on graphs.

Interactive Tools


An extensive collection of lessons and interactive activities on number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. The lessons and interactives can be sorted by grade level and area of interest.

Interactive Sites

A large collection of games and interactive activities in math, science, and other curriculum areas. The activities work great on computers, interactive whiteboards,  and mobile devices that support Flash. For iPads, the free Puffin Browser supports Flash-based activities.

Visual Fractions

Explore fractions interactively with line and circle fractions. Create your own fractions; add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions visually. This site includes a variety of tutorials and fraction worksheets to support understanding.

Photo Gallery


Click on the camera images to see an image gallery of various math tools and resources.

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Lots of visual examples of fractions in different forms and shapes.

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A variety of resources for charts of algebra formulas.

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All the basic geometric shapes.

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3D Geometry

Explore the world of 3D geometric shapes.

Technology and Learning Connections



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